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Taking Maatkit for a spin

First command I am diving into is the mk-variable-adviser. I’ve done similar tuning with MONyog, but this is free. This is a pretty basic start but it doesn’t look like my predecessor was too concerned about system performance. But hey you don’t know what you don’t know.

Getting Back In Shape

Anybody that wants to get back in shape in the York, Pa should check out CrossFit York.  I’ve been doing CrossFit for a decent amount of time.   It’s the only exercise routine in a long while that’s been able to hold my attention.

Also, I designed and developed their #Drupal site here: http://crossfityork.com.

I believe good exercise has helped me in battling a fairly serious health issue that cropped up over Christmas last year in which I lost 25 lbs.  I’m happy to say I’ve finally gained all the weight back.

Some guy blogging for CNET thinks Circuit City is dead

I used to like Circuit City a lot. Best Buy came to town here in York. I like having both choices actually. My problem with Best Buy and Circuit City is the level of knowledge the associates have. Most of them aren’t deserving of pay higher than minimum wage. I find myself buying more and more online after doing my own research. Occasionally one of them will have a better price than what is available online, but that’s not very often. I shop for what’s the best value. I’ll consider the ethics too. Like, where the product was made, or how the retailer treats it’s employees. As well as, how honest the marketing is.

I’d like to consider the ethics more often. However, if you choose to do so it feels like there is not much ethics out there.

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crooksandliars.com warning

I am highly suspicious that someone administrating the comments at crooksandliars.com added misspellings to my comment to make me appear less credible.   Considering I copied and pasted part of the comment I left on another site I am certain that I did not commit the misspellings myself.

crooks and liars, how ironic.

See the post here.

The Internet is getting slower

Google.com has it right; their pages come up quickly.  Many of today’s popular sites are sub par.  Facebook and MySpace are two prime examples.  Even Apple.com takes 3 to 5 seconds to bring up a page.  This is too long.

Is it irresponsible design?  Is it poor system administrators?  Is it company executives pushing for the wrong thing?