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This is why mobile apps via the Web is a big deal …

The one word answer is marketing.

This will open the advertising of mobile apps to more measurable world.  This will eventually make the steps the user takes from the call-to-action to purchase smoother.

I believe Google’s model for Android will beat out its competition in the long run.  Moves like this only go to reassure that.

Update: Here’s the WSJ story, http://ow.ly/3Qg5G

Update: The new market is here, market.android.com

Pre-ordering the Notion Ink Adam

I had a few problems.

First I was told I was on the Developer’s EAP, early access program, shortlist waiting list.   It stated I’d get to pre-order two weeks ahead of the general public.

I got my pre-order e-mail yesterday at around 2 pm EST but G-mail’s spam filter threw the e-mail into my spam. I didn’t check my spam til around 5 pm EST.

I clicked the link and it told me to wait.   I tried a couple more times and gave up.

I checked back later and got to the pre-order screen. The first confirmation page was displaying the billing address values in both the billing address and the shipping address, adding some confusion.

I tried four different times, thinking I entered something in wrong, each time getting declined. I called my bank and they said it was blocked because it was “outside my spending habits or something”.

After my bank reset something on their end, it let the pre-order go through. Although if I am assuming correctly I didn’t get in on the first batch, which is disappointing considering I was told I’d be able to pre-order “2 weeks before Pre-Booking starts for general public”

Also, I have to assume that the Adam will not allow the Android Market since they haven’t confirmed it yet.

I did get to pre-order the version I wanted, Pixel Qi LCD, Wifi +3G, which others are saying is sold out.  I guess I am happy with the purchase, I will know for sure when I hold it in my hand.

You can learn about the Notion Ink Adam here: http://www.notionink.com/

Sticking to Learning Android SDK

device Messing around with the Android Eclipse plug-in.  Trying out the USB logging and the screenshot feature.  The application I’ve been messing around with, which works in the Emulator keeps crashing on my Incredible.

This gives me a mystery to solve.

Verizon & Google Aggravation

Verizon is trying to charge $20 a month to make phones into a 3G hotspot.   Listen Verizon, I’ve already paid for the device.  And I pay monthly for a connection to the Internet from it.   Who is buying this snake oil?

Google, why have you forsaken me?