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Ramping up with Drupal

Drupal is a content management system.  Here’s the low-down.


These are the add-ons that make Drupal powerful.

http://drupalmodules.com has a directory of modules along with user ratings.  My profile is http://drupalmodules.com/profile/3488.  You can see my favorite modules at http://drupalmodules.com/favorites/view/3488/modules.


Drush is the drupal shell.  If you’re comfortable with a command line this is a must have power-tool.

Quick tid-bits

  • Read the README.txt files for the modules and themes you install if you hit any roadblocks
  • If you’re deciding to roll your own theme, first consider rolling your own Zen sub-theme
  • If you can, setup a seperate drupal install for just testing things in

New Job at Penn State Harrisburg

I started a new job at Penn State Harrisburg about a month ago.  It’s been going fairly well so far.  It’s not perfect but the steps forward out way the steps backwards when compared to my previous employments.  How much I can shape things is yet to be determined.   I am hopeful but not overly optimistic.

The great thing is there is so much to do and it appears that there is space for steering priorities.  The more I can steer my own priorities the more motivated I typically am.

So far it feels like I am cleaning up messes left by previous employees.   It amazes me how far some people can make it in their careers and not have the talent they should really have to be doing what they are doing.   Especially when it comes to technical skills.

This may be good for me.  I am hoping to use my own technical skills and other skills as well to create opportunity for myself at Penn State Harrisburg.

One thing that will take a little getting used to is the monthly pay-check.   I kind of like the idea but it will takes some adjusting to.  I’ve been trying to run a tighter ship budget-wise lately.   Mint.com has helped with that some.


Love Hate Tattoo Studio Photosynth


Fragment Caching with Rails.

I’m going to stick to using string paths, as opposed to hashes, for fragment caching (storing the page in pieces basically).  Especially when you have multiple parameters outside of the basic controller and action.   I am using a per page parameter as well as a page parameter.  Lots of cached fragments to manage in those cases.

It’s been rough disecting exactly how Rails manages cache.   I had the exact same hash going to my cache, expire_fragment, read_fragment functions, but expire_fragment wasn’t working.  I suspect routes are factored in there somewhere and I don’t have the time to figure it out exactly.

Lately I’ve been learning a lesson.   That lesson being, it’s nice to do things entirely the correct way, but sometimes you just got to get more done.


Found Some Cool Sites




You can always find my favorites here: http://del.icio.us/tonytopper


Some guy blogging for CNET thinks Circuit City is dead

I used to like Circuit City a lot. Best Buy came to town here in York. I like having both choices actually. My problem with Best Buy and Circuit City is the level of knowledge the associates have. Most of them aren’t deserving of pay higher than minimum wage. I find myself buying more and more online after doing my own research. Occasionally one of them will have a better price than what is available online, but that’s not very often. I shop for what’s the best value. I’ll consider the ethics too. Like, where the product was made, or how the retailer treats it’s employees. As well as, how honest the marketing is.

I’d like to consider the ethics more often. However, if you choose to do so it feels like there is not much ethics out there.

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crooksandliars.com warning

I am highly suspicious that someone administrating the comments at crooksandliars.com added misspellings to my comment to make me appear less credible.   Considering I copied and pasted part of the comment I left on another site I am certain that I did not commit the misspellings myself.

crooks and liars, how ironic.

See the post here.


The Crowd at the Lost Ballroom

The Crowd at the Lost Ballroom, originally uploaded by Anthony Topper.

I took this picture with a video camcorder, a Sony DCR-SR100. I had forgotten the compact flash card for my Canon Digital SLR. I was using the “Nightshot” mode, which makes the photo super grainy. I used filtering to blur away some of the graininess with Picasa.

I liked the composition among other things.


The Internet is getting slower

Google.com has it right; their pages come up quickly.  Many of today’s popular sites are sub par.  Facebook and MySpace are two prime examples.  Even Apple.com takes 3 to 5 seconds to bring up a page.  This is too long.

Is it irresponsible design?  Is it poor system administrators?  Is it company executives pushing for the wrong thing?


So I’ve got a new blog

Welcome to my new and hopefully soon to be improved blog. Say, “Good bye blogger.”