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New Job at Penn State Harrisburg

I started a new job at Penn State Harrisburg about a month ago.  It’s been going fairly well so far.  It’s not perfect but the steps forward out way the steps backwards when compared to my previous employments.  How much I can shape things is yet to be determined.   I am hopeful but not overly optimistic.

The great thing is there is so much to do and it appears that there is space for steering priorities.  The more I can steer my own priorities the more motivated I typically am.

So far it feels like I am cleaning up messes left by previous employees.   It amazes me how far some people can make it in their careers and not have the talent they should really have to be doing what they are doing.   Especially when it comes to technical skills.

This may be good for me.  I am hoping to use my own technical skills and other skills as well to create opportunity for myself at Penn State Harrisburg.

One thing that will take a little getting used to is the monthly pay-check.   I kind of like the idea but it will takes some adjusting to.  I’ve been trying to run a tighter ship budget-wise lately.   Mint.com has helped with that some.